time-out to commemorate…

23462946.jpg …the fact that on saturday, 2 a.m., i finished a decent draft of my young adult novel. some friends know i wrote one draft two years ago that blew, took time out to outline, and spent the past year going at it again.

It’s not perfect (that’s for sure) but it’s finished! I wrote a complete story! anyway, hopefully, the agent I sent it to will take seriously and like it. Extending yourself sometimes feels like inviting more self-doubt and negative predictions about the future and general self-deprecation, so I’m taking a time-out to give a shout-out to myself that i actually FINISHED it. Halleleujah!

Amazingly, once I finished it, I suddently had free brain space to tackle other languishing projects like my taxes from 2006 or unclogging the tub drain, which I only do like once a year. This year, it was a scary gray, bumpy mass that I swear to god looked like a poltergeist. I was scared.

I might even take out that half-finished jig saw puzzle under my living room couch. Oh yeah, the world is mine. I can take on whatever Herculean task that lies before me. Quick, get in your requests before this feeling fades to black.

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