images2.jpg I don’t know. I’m not saying he’s not doing a good deed by the earth and all that jazz, but there’s something a little too glam about Gore getting a Nobel Peace Prize. I feel like it should go to someone with a lifelong commitment to whatever they’re getting recognized for–he’s too young. But what with the Oscar and the hanging out with the Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s a little hard to take him seriously as a Nobel guy.

Also, I hope he doesn’t run for President. I feel like his time was over and his election effort was a TON of money and he needs to step aside for other folks to run. It’s weird enough having two or three possible Democratic candidates I could live with it. I don’t want it to get even more divisive. Plus, I remember the whole recount business with Florida. My husband gets mad when I say the American people deserve the guy they voted for, b/c he reminds me Gore technically won his election and Bush stole both elections he won. I would just like note Gore should’ve maybe focused on winning his home state Tennessee over rather than worrying about a state run by the brother of the opposing candidate. Just saying.

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