Matt Damon


Not to be too mean, but to be mean, I read this interview with Matt Damon, b/c my pal Al left her GQ at my house, and I have to say, the guy bugs the hell out of me. First of all, he uses the word “fag” and “so gay” as derogatory terms to describe himself and Ben, and while I grew up in an area (the tri-state) where we used those words freely as putdowns, now that I have a clue and have gay friends, I am DEEPLY offended by his language. What a jack ass. It’s one thing if you keep that language in your private orbit (which is not cool either), but now you’re a public figure, and you use it in an international publication, which pretty much tells other people it’s okay to use those words. Really? Really, Matt? The other thing that makes my skin crawl is his insistence that he acts deliberately boring so that the press don’t bother him, saying that all the great actors like DeNiro, etc. are never in the tabloids, which is affiliated with their talent. Give me a break. Newsflash, dude, you ARE boring.

I don’t think his acting or his looks are so spectacular. His fighting is excellent in the Bourne movies, but so what, that’s a great franchise that even benefits screen vacuum Julia Stiles. I just find the whole “pretending to be boring” thing very pretentious. MEOW!

But here’s one friendly tip. Instead of putting down gay people, use the word “douchebag” for your zingers. Thank you. That’s my PSA for the day.

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