The Pink Ladies

pinklady.jpg Do you remember this variety show from the late 70s or early 80s that featured a caucasian male American host with two very pretty lady cohorts from Japan called the Pink Ladies? I don’t think they really spoke English, but they were big in Japan, and wanting to capitalize on that, they made up this random show, where each episode ended with the bikini-clad Pink Ladies got the guy host dressed in a tux to go into a hot tub with them in the end.

Okay found a picture, thanks to Tony. And it was with an article entitled “Possibly the Worst Show in the History of Television.” Yea!

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  1. Hell yeah! It was called Pink Lady (singular, not plural) and Jeff, I believe. Pink Lady were HUGE in Japan, and when ’90s power-pop band Jellyfish toured there, they covered a Pink Lady song and the crowds went completely bonkers. It’s a good song, too. I never really understood what the TV show was about, but I was only ten or so at the time.

    I’m not sure about this, but I think Japanese power-pop/pop culture legends Puffy AmiYumi are the spiritual descendents of Pink Lady. Their music kinda rocks but it’s a little too sugarcoated for my taste.

  2. wow, thank you MC Abe (is that a nickname? where is that from?) i could not even find an image of the pink ladies on google, though perhaps, if i were patient enough to sift through the several thousands of pages of average american women citizens dressed in all pink, i’d get a glimpse of them. Jellyfish…rings a bell, but I think I’m mixing them up with the band th at Tanya Donnelly did…with a starting song called “Sister”? YES! I’m totlaly mixing them up with Belly. I scare myself.

  3. Jellyfish’s big hit was “Baby’s Coming Back.” I think “That Is Why” was a minor hit, too. Some of their songs were on the sappy side, but their ability to harmonize was ridiculous, and for a short time they featured Jason Falkner, one of my all-time faves and one of the great under-appreciated power-popsters of all time (his new album totally kicks ass). Belly’s big hit was “Feed The Tree” and I liked them, too.

    M.C.Abe — because my middle name is Abraham (my dad wanted that to be my FIRST name, but thankfully Mom said no way), and because my wife and I both think I resemble Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch.

    If you Google “Pink Lady & Jeff” there must be a picture of ’em somewhere on the Interweb.

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