Working Out

Oy, I lift weights and do cardio three times a week and do cardio on my “off” days, when what I really want to do is just watch TV, drink wine, and eat ice cream EVERY DAY. What if I just give up and wear a sack for the rest of my life, like these:


I can get them in like crushed blue velvet so my friends won’t be embarrassed by me. Someone else at work asked if I was expecting this morning. Ha ha ha ha.

3 Replies to “Working Out”

  1. Why not combine it all? Eat ice cream, chase it with a glass of wine all while watching tv on a treadmill. That’s what I do. Just go slow – you don’t want to regurgitate on a treadmill, believe you me.

  2. Time is the great equalizer. Time and food. Look at Tyra Banks!

    The metabolism of our youth is fleeting. By the third decade, ALL women’s metabolism slows down. It’s a law of nature.

    So here’s what I say: I justify my nightly ice cream consumption with daily amounts of exercise. That, and no more bikinis for this chiquita. As a bonus, I time my elliptical workouts to coincide with reruns of Law & Order. Should I feel tempted to stick around for the next episode, at least I’m working off that burrito. Better living through bribing yourself with guilty pleasures!

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