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I don’t get the appeal. She’s an okay actress, not great, and something about her face looks off to me, like are her eyes too close together? I mean, I’m still going to see the chick flick “Becoming Jane” and probably “Get Smart” b/c I’m bored in general, and I appreciate that she went to college and isn’t in the news b/c of her DUIs and underwear antics, but what is it? Why is this girl getting all this work? Who made her wear this dress? AAAAccck, and yet I can’t stop thinking about it. Please explain her appeal to me so my brain can rest.

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  1. I hear that her people totally want to groom her hardcore as the next Julia Roberts superstar.

    I don’t get her appeal either. Granted, she’s been solid enough in Brokeback and The Devil Wears Prada, etc. But she never really stands out for me. Nothing particularly special or riveting. However, compared to her peer actresses, she comes across as genius level brilliant.

    But yeah, I will watch Becoming Jane. Because I like period costumes and flowery language and girls with their hair pinned up. Perhaps, we can watch together while simmering from the Anne Hathaway haterade?

  2. Julia Roberts?/?? Oh lord. She’s doing very commercial fare, that I wonder if she’s snagging parts that would go to Natalie Portman normally. Actually, I think she’s been quoted as saying she gets Natalie Portman rejects, but ever since she showed her boobies in Brokeback, it’s Anne, anne, anne. Sure, we can watch it together! I’m getting old and into period chick flick romances

  3. tlee, Natalie Portman deserves a special posting on your blog. The adulation and worship for her make me retch! Yes, she’s a very pretty girl, but she’s so wooden, so dang awful. Albeit, Girl knows how to do a bit of crying on screen, but anything else is a huuuuuuge stretch for her. Ugh.

  4. oh please, don’t even get me started on natalie portman. she’s gorgeous and went to harvard, and i think she was good in Garden State until she cried. There’s something about the way she cries that makes me want to push her down. It’s like that she looks like a little girl, and it’s the same way in every picture. The crying scene ruined that movie for me and I made some loud reaction, which caused David to swat my arm. I also don’t love the way Gwyneth Paltrow cries. Look at the scene with Morgan Freeman in Seven. It makes me go “loser.” I’m so MEAN! Sorry.

  5. Dudes, this is Hollywood. Nothing they do is supposed to make any sense, and it’s all supposed to make you want to stab your eyes out with a fork. This is why I see, like, one movie a year (this year it was The Simpsons Movie) — Hollywood makes the music industry look like a paragon of virtue and sanity by comparison.

    That said, I think Anne Hathaway is pretty hot.

  6. What M.C.Abe actually meant to say is:

    “I think Anne Hathaway is pretty hot FOR A WHITE GIRL.”

  7. ha ha, i think i could see it if i thought she was hot, but i will accept tony’s assessment. b/c i see her and i go, no, no, really? really? of all the girls trying to be a star, this is the one they pick? okay, enough of my anti anne hathaway obsession, i’m done

  8. I don’t know… her imdb profile makes me rather sympathetic towards her. Seems like a girl who has worked hard, is fairly talented, and has been scandal free. What does it take for a girl to win your heart, tlee?

  9. i don’t know. good teeth? i’m not THAT mean. go read the go fug yourself analyses of her teen vogue cover. i guess i really DIG ACTING! and there are so many girls who work hard, are gorgeous and talented, that i’m like i want the best to get up there. but your point, that she’s able to emerge from cars w/o flashing others among more serious occurences, is a good one. she’s a little refreshing by not being caught with drugs, asleep in their car

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