Chelsea “Asian Disser” Handler

So I was reading Angry Asian Man blog, which is really hilarious and keeps me up to date on all matters I should be po’d about and proud of as an Asian. One of his angrier diatribes was against this Barbie-cute, blond comedienne named Chelsea Handler, whose schtick on Leno was about Pax, Angelina Jolie’s son, who won’t know he’s Asian b/c he doesn’t know how to do nails or drive poorly, etc., etc., etc. It sounded mostly stupid to me, but I did go to this girl’s web site, like a dumb ass, and even reserved her book “My Horizontal Life,” about one-night stands.

The writing sample sounded promising and I figured I would be in for a nice, entertaining ride about embarrassing booty calls, light summer fare (because I’ve run out of my current light obsession—YA romance novels; yes, I am sad). I don’t get offended as often as maybe I should (?) and figured her Asian comments would be a one-time lack of judgment. I put the book on hold at the library (b/c I am a senior citizen, I love the library, and I live in a studio), and waited for it to come in. Much to my dismay, the essays were too dull to really finish and then there was one about an ex boyfriend caught in a ménage a trois with two Asian ladies and racial commentary ensued. You know, stuff about slanty eyes and calling them the wok n’ roll twins.

People, all I want is to be caught up in a good story. Why do I have to deal with this stupid stuff? I figured her Leno schtick was a one-time racially offensive thing, I didn’t know it was consistent throughout her work. Jees, what a loser. Anyway, I don’t recommend her work!

Even Harry Potter now has some Asian kids in the Hogwarts school!

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  1. What’s the link for Angry Asian Man’s blog? Is there an equivalent for Angry Asian Girls? How about Angry Asian Mobs? Grab your pitchfork, girl – we got some ass-whuppin to do.

  2. As an honorary Asian (an honor conferred on me by the HKK, unless I conferred it on myself, not sure), I am shocked and outraged.

  3. sung ji, if you’re bored, check it’s good, if a bit myopic. i mean, there’s only so much asian thinking a girl can take

    at tony sachs, definitely your outrage means a lot as an honorary asian. i’m going to start commenting on your column. i have to sneak it in. it’s like the 1980s kgb here. hee hee. i owe you a bollywood mix. i dunno if you’ll like it, but try it nonetheless!

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