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  1. How small minded of you. The movie has gotten some really great reviews – you come to care for the rat because he is a sensitive aesthete much like ourselves. He is no longer a rat but a cherished friend who prizes a good chanterelle over everything else. Only a cruel, Harry Potter ending giver awayer would not love this guy.

    By the way, I haven’t seen this movie yet. Waiting for the DVD because it makes me crazy when the kid behind me starts kicking my seat and I have to turn around and make scary adult faces and then politely ask the mother to please control her little angel whose popcorn-greased fingers have a death grip on what is supposed to be my headrest.

  2. I’m going to check out the links when I’m at the office and supposedly working. listen, girl, there’s the denouemont part where the humans abandon the lead rat and his friends and family come into the kitchen and help him, and the floor is covered with a FLOOD OF RATS….EWWWWWW!!! That’s what I shouted at the screen.

    I’m not saying there aren’t great moments and talented people did not work on it– b/c they did, but it takes them years to pull this sh*t together, which is why I’m like FOR THE LOVE OF GOD why didn’t anyone stop this? A rat is not a loveable character. I know about the Mickey Mouse, but Mickey doesn’t actually look like a mouse. In this flick, they take great pains to really make the whiskers glisten, and that made me…throw up in my mouth a little..not really, but Sung-Ji, see it and tell me you don’t agree. Ask Becca. She and I were at the Ziegfield, and I kept turning to her going ” What the hell?”

  3. Becca? She’s shy and works in corporate America. That could be why. You know what you should do? Tease her about Olivia Newton John. That usually gets her attention.

  4. Also, Sung-Ji, I loved The Incredibles. THAT flick rocked my world and was brilliant in its human observations, as well as all the fancy script work and animation and comic bits. Rataouille is about raaaaaaats, raaaaats handling your food. ewwwww

  5. Corporate America be darned, I’m chiming in! Did you all see this NYT article that says rats have shown altruistic behavior and they might experience metacognition? I don’t care, though, because they still gross me out. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/24/science/24angi.html?ref=science

    The movie was good but just too icky. And yes, Tina does often talk or hit me on the arm during movies. Ratatouille was no exception, and my arm is still bruised. (T, this has nothing to do with your reference to me and Olivia Newton John, so please go ahead and talk about it more.) I wish Sung Ji had been there to protect me.

  6. YEAH!!!! HOOOOOMER!!!! There’s a feature on doughnuts in Timeout NY in honor of the Simpsons, which makes me really hungry. Christine, does it freak you out or make you proud to have the same last name as the other yellow people? I guess if they made famous characters of a family called the LEEEEEESSSS I’d feel a little funny, but then again, I’ve heard stupid Robert E. Lee jokes all through elementary school.

  7. I’m looking forward to the sequel to Ratatouille, which will feature enormous cockroaches who just want to put hospital corners on people’s beds and get into hilarious and often touching scrapes.

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