Eeeek! It’s the Host!!!

host.jpg I don’t always have rico suave taste in film (um, or in music for that matter), or it’s more that i like tuna tar tar and cheese doodles (but i hate fois gras…i don’t even really like tuna tar tar….okay, so maybe i’m just 100% low-brow). For instance, I got mega-psyched when “ghost rider” came out. “Premonition”? A supernatural thriller/romance featuring confusing story line and Sandra Bullock? I’m so there. And as I’ve gotten older, I’m slowly gotten comfortable with scary, B movies. So with that disclaimer, take this movie recommendation!

I loved “The Host”! I’d go see it again. Finally, a good flick from Korea so I can feel proud! (“Take Care of My Cat,” another Korean important, earned rave review from the New Yorker–that rag–where four teen girls grow up and grow apart. One ends up in the big city, another ends up framed for the murder of her grandparents in Inchon….huh? It’s awful and annoying, and made me grateful that my parents immigrated.)

In any case, I digress. The HOST covers a inspired-by-real-life incident from 2000, where some U.S. military dude ordered a South Korean employee to dump formaldehyde (a lot of it) into the Han River. People were really upset, apparently, b/c it’s a little infuritating to have a foreign military prescence order you to pollute your country, and this dude is still working today!

In any case, the fictious story says a crazy-ass sea monster emerges seven years as a result, and just eats people!!! It just runs on sidewalks and eats people!!! I never laughed so hard in my life, and one point, got so startled, I hit myself in the face, which only made me laugh harder.

Apparently, Hollywood is already remaking it, but I’m guessing they’ll need to edit out 75% of it, due to the anti-U.S. sentiment. Whatever, ya losers.

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