Atari Rules

Does Atari even exist any more? I still remember when my cousin Ed got his Atari system when he was like 6 that the game Combat came with it for free. I’m pretty sure the object was to just shoot each other. I just remember the animation being completely one-dimensional and monochromatic. Compare it to Grand Theft Auto. I mean, it’s almost as if someone created Combat out of construction paper. Like Matisse, in his arthritis years, could have created Combat. Still those old games gave me a lot of pleasure. I particularly enjoyed Space Invaders, from which I earned the requisite thumb blisters from holding the joy stick. In my sticker collection, I had a bunch about Space Invaders. I couldn’t get into Pac Man though. Made me too anxious, you know, b/c I’m such a low-key, mellow person.

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  1. MB says:

    I love picturing Matisse creating a video game from cutouts! Ah, already you’re making me laugh on a Monday morning.

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