break the ice

It’s too bad Britney imploded, b/c I just listened to this album, and it’s pretty good! I mean, I want to see “step up” and eat up whatever “Grey’s Anatomy” ladles out every week, but I still thought the lyrics were clever (there’s one that rhymes “karma” with “mama” and “drama,” with the refrain “my derreiere–AIR, re-AIR”) and songs had a catchy unique sound. You know, all these commercial ladies get the same song writers and Timbaland, the result of which is we have a lot of white female Top 40 artists who have hits with rapping, and sound EXACTLY the same: Madonna, Nelly Furtado, and who else? I can’t recall. But did you hear “Four Minutes” by Madonna? Completely generic.

In any case, I’m on jury duty and am excited to share thoughts on it but have to wait till I’m done.

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  1. I actually like the Madonna/JT/Timbaland single. I enjoy its ridiculousness and the way they say “Ma-daahhh-na?” in the chorus.

    I’ve heard two songs from the Britney album and wasn’t impressed with either one. I think I only like her songs that sound like “Baby One More Time,” of which there are a few.

  2. the “madona-nah” part is hilarious, like straight to a cheerleading rah rah chorus. i dunno. from the britney spears album — the “gimme more” is kinda dull, i don’t like when just jump octaves on the tetris game, but there were other songs that i thought was great workout music.

    but you’re not really into workout music, right mc abe? do i need to recruit nkk to this? sachsy — i would not be able to guess whether this would work for you

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