How to Ride Roller Coasters


Life takes the Lee family for a ride, as Tina learns to navigate the ups and downs of roller coasters and her father’s cancer.

When Tina’s father recommends a collection of “short sleeves” by Graham Greene, Tina thinks nothing of it. After all, word fumbles are part of the norm when you’re raised by immigrants. Only when a medical check-up reveals cancer does Tina realize she’s in for a big ride. An exploration of memory, love, and the U.S. health care system.

 *Want to see it? I might be doing it in February 2007 as the “Unfinished Works” series at the Culture Project. I’m also performing “My Mom Across America” that same month in Ithaca. Two shows in one month? Can i handle it? Moo-who-ha-ha.

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