“dick johnson is dead” by kirsten johnson

I tried to pitch this documentary to my mom. I said, “It’s about a guy with Alzheimer’s, and his daughter stages his death over and over again. It’s great, I love it.” Mom just eyerolled and said, “No way. Too weird.” It is truly weird and funny and dark and so wildly creative! Whatever my video watching algorithm says about me, Netflix completely has my number!!!! This is exactly the kind of work I’d love to produce. I’ve always wanted to produce a film where I write parts for me, Husband, and my parents. God, that sounds so mega fun. In “Dick Johnson Is Dead!”, the dad is so very sweet and supportive. He may not have a full grasp of what the film is about all the time, but he supports it because he wholeheartedly loves his daughter. He’s incredibly patient with himself most of all. In the end, Mom did check it out because it was making the rounds in her high school alumni What’s Up app, and she thought it was “Good.”

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