pandemic highlights

In a time where we all hitting a wall, I have to say watching “The Mandalorian” as a family gave my spirits a lift. Baby Yoda! Who knew! I have seen the memes and Buzzfeed articles devoted to this little guy before watching this show, and thought, no big deal. But when I saw him using his paws to channel the Force and fall on his bum from the effort, or call out in a baby gurgle, forget it. I had no idea Baby Yoda was so utterly beguiling.

Also, in this era of seriousness, watching “Pretend It’s a City” starring Fran Leibowitz has been cracking me up. She described almost getting hit by a young man on a bike holding a pizza in one hand, texting with a phone in the other. He drove his bike with elbows. Ahh youth!

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