how i show and receive love

* I agree to listen to “Welcome to the Jungle” on the piano for the fortieth time. (First Son is obsessed with figuring out how to play classic rock and pop songs on the piano and ukelele. It’s great, but…”Welcome to the Jungle” is legit 15 minutes long and he feels neglected the moment you space out.)
* I lost my job and I am not telling my mom. (This the kindest way.)
* As soon as I see Husband is in physical pain, I tap him out and corral the kids to leave him alone.
* My friends, upon hearing of my lay off, offer to annihilate my employers, and in the next breath, remind me it’s a giant blessing. (That’s pretty cool).
* Although we are all pretty sick of each other, I still get hugs from the kids in the middle of the day, and that is admittedly pretty nice.
* I have bought the children ice cream, slushies, icies, popsicles, candy, doritos, and other Forbidden Foods more this season than any other time in their life. I’m not trying to make them disgusting, but jees, it’s a rough time. Why not have a little treat?

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