oh, it’s the little things

Here are some ways the kids are keeping me sane during quarantine (there is also the flip side/dark side to this phenomenon but let’s not go there right now)


Me: What’s that on your toe? Is that dirt? [Editor’s note: black smudge on big toe, right foot]
Wonder Boy Twin: Oh, that’s from when I did scratch art with by feet.
Wonder Boy Twin: Aren’t you going to wash it?
Me: Nope. Just going to leave it there. Didn’t think I’d ever hear that in my lifetime. Bye.


There was a three for $10 special on ice cream at Foodtown, so what the heck, for Ice Cream Monday, I got more than vanilla, which thrilled the kids:
Kids: What flavors did you get?
Me: Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Coffee
Kids: Okay vanilla and chocolate chip are for the kids, and coffee for the adults?
Me: Sure.
Kids: Okay, chocolate chip is like chips with what ice cream?
Me: what? Vanilla.
Kids: Okay, good.
They then strategized for hours on what flavors they would choose, in what order for their order that night..

There is constant singing in my apartment, and since the kids listen to whatever we play, there is Led Zepplin, Depeche Mode, New Order, Weird Al Yankovic, A-Ha, Twisted Sister, Tracy Chapman, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, John Denver, Peter Gabriel. During a recent cuddle, First Son stroked my hair and sang “Enjoy the Silence.” As he sang “all I ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here, in my arms,” I was like whoa, if teen me could see this now. What a wild life.

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