Among the songs my kids are currently obsessed with is “Take on Me.” First Son has figured out melody line on the piano, and they all join in for the ear-piercing chorus when it gets to “I’ll be gone, and then I’ll PEEEEEE!” I don’t know if that’s the line, but it’s so high, I can make out words.

Of course, my first concert, was a-Ha at the age of 14. (I’m never letting my kids go that young on their own…am I?) I went with three friends to nose-bleed seats, including Mike, who I am still friends with. It was a thrilling experience, which I’m sure I have recounted on this site here and will spare you repeating myself (I will find the link instead at some point. Husband sighs every time I repeat myself). At some point, we got up to dance, and this man came down to yell at us to sit down because he couldn’t see. Of course, I immediately sat down, but Mike began yelling at him that we were going to keep dancing because this was a concert, etc. I have no idea what he said, but I’m floored that he had the eggs to stand up to an adult. Angry man’s girlfriend came down and coaxed him back to their seats. Back then, Mike’s temper always made me on edge, because it was so the opposite of how I conducted myself in the world, but now, I look back in wonder. I don’t even know I can do that now at age 47, never mind 14.

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