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I was listening to this meandering, slightly crabby exchange between Brad Goreski, stylist to the stars, and his husband Gary Janetti, hilarious Instagram, TV and book writer, discuss about their mundane everyday routines. They’ve been together maybe 18 years and married for two. They kvetch like a senior citizen couple, about family and other normal things that make them cranky. I found their chitchat very comforting.

One of the things they talk about is New Year’s Eve, how they always go to bed well before midnight. Janetti goes on about how he hates the pressure he feels to have epic fun and kiss a stranger at midnight. His husband Brad picks at his idea and go back and forth before they settle on the perfect way survive a New Year’s Eve party: look up from their phones, exchange a midnight kiss, then go back to their phones. Perfect. But in reality, they said it was all for naught because they can never stay awake that long. Their biggest concern on New Year’s Eve is what they’re going to eat and watch on TV that night.
Now that is the essence of a good marriage right there. Why else get married? That is a little space of Nirvana.

On another note, I just read Gary Janetti’s first book Do You Mind If I Cancel, a series of memoir-ish essays. They are as funny as people say, but also poignant. I enjoyed them very much. He speaks very well of how sometimes how lonely and wonderful it was to be a young gay man in a way that helps me imagine it.

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