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I was in a rush so I went to a turbo-fast-hair-salon for a haircut. That was a mistake. The guy took the scissors and dragged them through my hair, a technique I hate (an aside: people on occasion tell me “hate is a strong word,” as in, they are implying I shouldn’t use it. I think the word itself is fine. It’s all about context. For example, “I hate cilantro” is not as horrific as “I hate [certain demographic of humans].” Also, only because I don’t really like when people try to pin random rules, I break it freely. SORRY HATERS!!!).

I’ve gotten enough haircuts to know that when a person starts dragging scissors through your hair to create layers, they are beginners. They have learned a template of cutting and never got better. It totally gives the person split ends. After the scissor dragging, the kid also thinned out my hair with random cuts. I was over it. The good new is the haircut only took 15 minutes and I was out of there! The bad news is my hair looks like Steve from “Stranger Things.”

But Steve from “Stranger Things” is a terrific character. I had forgotten about the show, but the mullet I haver reminded me to watch this 1980s-period series and it is simply a delightful show. Husband and I are enjoying it very much.

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