things that keep me going

I was having a bum out period. (This draft was started before Pandemic/BP). You know, Trump is president, massive corruption, systematic racism firmly in place, but there are things I listen to or learn about, that make me feel better.

* Beyonce’s song “Bigger” came out with Lion King, and it’s such a wonderful piece of music (I like a lot of the soundtrack and just am impressed with her output and vision. I don’t know connect with all her music) but I found this song very encouraging. If you don’t want to listen to it, that’s cool. Here is the Cliff Notes version: there’s something bigger than you and your life. The Cliff Notes version of the Cliff notes: Bigger.

* Whales dream. That actually blew my mind when I read that. There was a wonderful article on whales in the Times I can no longer find, so you will have to content yourself with this one, but what was so wild by that lost article is how much whales are like humans. They form tribes, they have wars, they have been known to attack whaling boats, but when they stopped hunting whales, they learned to trust those same men again. They sing. Like not every sound they emit has a biological purposes. Sometimes that create music just for the hell of it and it is so complicated that scientists don’t know what to make of it. (A sample of whale song is in one of those taster platter versions of life on earth is floating out in space, in case any aliens out there want a preview of what they’re getting into, should they decide to visit us). And god, I have no idea how they proved this (maybe by measuring brain waves), but the article said that WHALES DREAM. WHOA WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING. I mean, is that not fascinating? Consider this blog your stupid woman’s version of Brain Pickings.

* Cute baby videos. Nobody enjoys life more than babies and kids. Nobody. On Christmas, when Wonder Boy Twin turned to me with a dropped jaw when I told the kids I was buying them candy, and he said “this is the best day of my life.” Like is there anything that could give me as much pleasure and joy? Hells to the now. Witness this video of this chunky-faced baby absolutely cooing with divine pleasure from a face massage. You’re welcome.

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