the bright hour by nina rigg

There are a lot of memoirs from the dying lately. I’ve read at least three of young, promising professionals leaving happy marriages and young children behind. But just because you’re dying doesn’t mean you can write. Nina Rigg can. Whew! Her book, I’m sad to say, did make me cry, did make me appreciate my life. She’s particularly good at showing how her children understand that she will not be around for much longer, ad when they realize it, they go very quiet, which somehow feels more heartbreaking than being weeping-like-a-banshee about it. She’s also quite funny, and one piece of advice sticks with me. She and her husband have a different reaction to their difficulties. He wonders when things will get back to normal, but for the author, these are days she has so she needs to embrace the difficult days — and this makes so much sense to me. When you have trouble, go into them more deeply.

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