Young people vocabulary is the gift that keeps on giving. The first time I heard the word “thirsty,” it was used by the character Molly on the show I love “Insecure,” describing a guy trying too hard to capture her interest. The try is unattractive. What a creative, wonderful word! I knew exactly what the character meant when she uttered “he’s too thirsty” with utter disdain. I so relate, not so much in drawing male attention but I get a needy vibe from a lot of acquaintances, like colleagues and other parents. Sometimes, people who don’t know me project some obscure quality on me that has nothing to with me and long to be my friend. To which I say to my inner circle friends, “I can’t be friends with her. Too thirsty.”

I sound like the biggest snot on the planet. So be it. It is a terrific word. Here are the top 30 thirstiest celebrities according to Jezebel. Hilarious.

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