girl code [old draft, maybe a year or two ago]

All three of my children have distinct personalities, different natures, and distinct temperament. None are completely alike. Wonder Twin Girl is very bright and already has a society identity. Funny, the boys don’t change their character around different people, but as soon as we are around, non-family members, Wonder Twin Girl will take off what she considers a goofy winter hat (anything with an animal face) and smooth down her hair, and I can’t explain it, but her face changes. This is all just set up for her class room report. She’s typically the ace student, always helpful, mentoring others, answering adult’s “thank you” with this 19th century etiquette “oh you’re quite welcome.” People raved about her. (I didn’t quite buy it. I mean, of course I adore her, but I also know her, you feel me?)

This year, the teacher complained that though bright, she doesn’t work that hard, is calling it in and talks too much in class. This really ticked me off. I don’t care if the kids achieve per se, but I want them to hit the minimum of what’s asked. That’s me, Low Bar Mom. Mostly, when I hear feedback, it’s acceptable to me, but if I hear this evidence of slack, I get annoyed.

I do not know (yet) how to get this girl engaged.
“School is important. You know, we’re all lucky we get to go to school. We get to go to school for free. And in our school, the teachers care about the students and it’s safe — we are really lucky. In some parts of the world, girls don’t even get to go to school. Some people don’t believe girls should be educated.”
Wonder Twin Boy: Why is that Mom
Me: I guess it’s because some believe that girls are not as good as boys. They are less than.
Wonder Twin Boyu: I don’t believe that Mom.
Me: okay, yes, fine, i’m focusing on Wonder Twin girl
(she ignores me).
ME: Do you know in fact there is someone who won the Nobel Peac Prize this year, a young girl who advocated–I mean, wnated girls to go to school, just like boys? I forget her name, I forget what country she’s fromt, but I mean, she got shot in the face like by the Taliban.”

too far? I asked myself as I said “shot in the face.” Yes, too far, and also, so not impressive.

Wonder Twin Girl just ignored the whole stupid attempt

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