meghan markle, princess of the world!

Is it sad that I light up whenever I see footage or images of Meghan Markle? I want this woman to succeed so badly. It sounds goofy, but to be the wife of an English Prince seems to be like the worst fate ever. She had been an actor on “Suits” for seven years, and I’m wondering if the tedium and long hours of being on a TV show can amply prepare you for a lifetime of always being on. I mean, the woman is always freaking beaming and I can barely manage a polite half-smile. There’s so much terrible stuff she dealt with, including explicit racism by the press (she’s biracial, half white, half African American), exploitation for money by step siblings and her biological father (too painful to recount). As Princess, she has to give up being overtly political and explicitly feminist. It’s like she has to give up being an individual to become a symbol. (Reminds me of the plot of “The Little Mermaid” or like what happens when you fall in love with a vampire.) There are a flurry of news stories of how she shut her own car door, shown on TV on repeat. Right now, she’s in Fiji with her husband, making speeches, smiling in what seems like a relaxed, benign manner, even when her security team is shutting down one of her events early due to security threats. I mean, I’m sorry, under such relentless, intense scrutiny, most of us would buckle into a puddle, curl up in a ball, and rock back and forth, quietly muttering “redrum.” Whatever she’s doing to steel and center herself is working. (I also believe she and Prince Harry are madly in love because why on earth would you bother with this BS otherwise? Seriously.) And I am rooting for her. In this present garbage time when the U.S. is explicitly moving towards, if not already embracing Fascism, we have a black hole vacuum of moral leadership in the world, I am going to welcome Meghan Markle as someone who is trying to contribute to spreading good will. I am going to trust that the English monarchy, behind the scenes, is an incredibly political animal, and if they are “letting” her make her mark as an advocate for women rights, albeit in a more conservative approach, I am here for it. We need all the heroes we can get. Go, Markle, go. Be the light!

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