beyonce beast mode

In her Vogue profile, she mentions she’s has a little bit of post-pregnancy belly and is enjoying it. When she’s ready to get six-pack abs, she’ll go into “beast mode” and get it done. I so relate to that. Not the abs parts – I have not seen my abs in a long time, but beast mode, yes. It is the mindset you get into to access a deep, unwavering focus and determination that allows you to get through the difficult, unpleasant tasks to get your goal. It’s almost like being a superhero for fleeting moments, a magic mode you drop down into in order to do the impossible. However, I don’t use beast mode to get into a ripped physique or prep for a world tour. For me, I use it to tackle my parents’ medical bills + legal paperwork. It’s like this giant pile of actual paper I need to go through carefully, labyrinthine, complicated sentences that need a psychic sensibility to translate. Once in beast mode, I can plow through them. before then, they nag me. My ma suggested I handle medical bills and legal matters for senior for a living. Ha ha. No way. I hate this work with an extraordinary passion. I only do it for my parents because they raised me. I am the Sasha Fierce of bureaucratic monotonous paperwork. (Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it?) Take that [!] you microscopic, conflicting directions on legal forms! Boo yeah!

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