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Do yourself a favor and read these two recent wonderful interviews with amazing humans Emma Thompson and Sandra Oh.

Sandra Oh was interviewed recently as the first actress of Asian descent to be nominated as a lead actress for the Emmys. She discussed quite openly how for years she struggled with a bit of the low-self-esteem Hollywood seems to inspire in most, and how meditation has given her space to act from a place of joy. She talks about the first breath — the first quarter of that first breath in meditation contains an entire world where it’s just about you, and there’s no racism or sexism or things that hurt you, and that’s the place she tries to act from. For her nomination, she seems filled with joy on behalf of her fellow actors. For herself, she wonders if awards are really healthy.

Emma Thompson just seems like someone who just run an internship program so I could apply. She is so educated, articulate and honest. One thing the interview discusses is her nail color as Goneril in a recent King Lear production, and she said Mike Nichols had taught her that characters are either metallic or porous (wild. Such a creative approach to character building.) She also comforts the interviewer saying, “oh young people are so sad and confused. There are many things that have gotten better from the old days. For example, dentistry.”

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