fall. push.

Dad has these episodes of falling, where he cannot control his walking, so his pace keeps building up until he loses complete control and wipes out. I think I’ve already blogged about these symptoms in the past, but just for the FYI, it’s common in folks with Parkinson’s because they don’t really “feel” their feet. He may or may not have Parkinson’s himself, but senior health care is whack because seniors tend to come down with several different health issues at the same time. Since my mom can’t watch him every moment, he has had a few accidents outside the home. (Yes, I know. This is not sustainable and we gotta get someone to help, if not look into assisted living or SOMETHING since ignoring it doesn’t really seem to help.) Luckily, this most recent fall was on his bum and not his head. Apparently, this young man carried him to his building and took his keys and let Dad into the apartment. Dad, suddenly in a panic that he might have made a terrible escape, pushed the man away, shut the door, and locked it. My mom was in bathroom brushing her teeth.

She relayed the whole story to me, and we felt badly about that young, well-meaning man. I hope he realizes what happened and it was only because it’s so very scary to be a senior in the world rather than we don’t appreciate his help. It’s so easy to take advantage of seniors and you never know. When I heard he was someone who lives in their neighborhood, I told Mom to point him out so that I can push him too.

I will just be like “Yo, Koreans push. That’s just what we do. Thanks bubby.”

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