This year, the kids and I have regularly going swimming. I’m so happy two out of three kids are able to swim without any flotation devices. Thank god. I don’t have a lot of goals as a parent, but I would like my kids to not drown. That would be fabulous.

Anyway, the kids all love to jump into the pool. You remember when you liked to do that, right? They climb out, jump in, over and over again. Whenever they jump, it causes an enormous splash that hits me in the fact, goes right for my eyes. So it’s like I’m constantly wiping my face. I need an umbrella. I’m also defending my body, because of course, they want to jump right into my arms, which just results in me getting kicked. We are all exhausted from this exercise.

When First Son jumps in, the splash is especially wild. He’s like a gigantic, sweet golden retriever and just jumps right onto me. Waves of water emerge from the pool. I finally figured a little system. Wonder Twin Boy and I got kick boards and propped them up in front of our faces. Golden, right? Wrong. I hid behind my kick board, First Son jumped, and somehow a sheet of water went over my little fence and hit me in the face.

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