brace yourselves

unexpected-art-rubber-duck-fsl Speaking of uncomfortable and stupid, a few years ago, I remember my doctor left a message for me on my cell at 11 at night to call him back. I figured it was something horrible, so I allowed myself 24 hours of fun before I braced myself for “the call that changes everything.” I went to a museum, had a lovey lunch with wine, etc. because I knew if the next chapter was going to suck, I wanted a little fun before I dove back into it and had a good memory to turn to when the sh*t hits the fan. When we finally spoke, he said I was pregnant, which was impossible at the time but I said, that’s okay, pregnancy is a healthy person’s problem, we will figure it out. In the end, it turned out it was a lab mixup. Anyway, I found my very sensible plan very funny so I tell the story as a joke but my in-laws were like dead quiet when I passed the story on.

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