I have a cat. Let’s not make a big thing about it. It happened. I didn’t plan to have a cat, but one of the kids (Wonder Twin Girl) and Husband really love animals. The boys do too, and I am adamantly separate from any instinct that would lead me to interact with another species.

But we have mice. Though Wonder Twin Girl actually wants a dog, she said she’d compromise so this cat joins us, and now, I have another creature to clean up after, feed, etc. The cat is quite skittish, given her Oliver Twist past, and hides most of the time. The mice run free. I think the kids are disappointed about not being able to pet the cat much, never mind hold her, but it’s just fine with me. You go you way, and I will go mine. We mind our business. Husband said “I’m concerned you’re not opening your heart to the cat.”

Jesus. I mean, I purchase the cat supplies and do the aforementioned cleaning and feeding. That’s all you’re going to get from me. That’s how I’m showing my “love.” I don’t have any desire to interact. And also, by the way, what I do give is significant. At the end of the day, after a day in the office and housework, I end the night by CLEANING OUT THE LITTER BOX. Do you think that’s what I want to be doing? No, of course not. Do you know how bad Meow Mix SMELLS? (On a side note, the woman who was sheltering the cat does this as a volunteer, spent $4,000 on medical bills for the cat, and gave it only organic food. When she came to our apartment for a home visit, Husband said he had to talk her off a ledge when she thought I had bought Fancy Feast, which is apparently the McDonald’s of cat food. I caved and got the organic stuff, but Cat got tired of it. Fancy Feast is back in full force. Also, quite gross smelling.)

However, I will admit, there have been some changes. Cat has stopped hiding and now will nap in the middle of the hallway. She lets the kids pet her. I have to say, sometimes, she looks pretty cute when she falls asleep with her paws folded at the wrist beneath her chin. She caught a mouse a week ago and the song “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce played in my head. When I rake the litter box, it doesn’t bother me as much. Sometimes, I might even think “it’s like a zen rock garden in a way.” And this Xmas, when I bought everyone a chocolate advent calendar at Trader Joe’s, I also bought one for the cat treat advent calendar. (I have lost it. The cat doesn’t understand holidays or advent calendars, my god, if anywhere my money didn’t matter, this is it.)

But I draw the line at petting or interacting. Let us peacefully co-exist in our shared space. Wonder Twin Girl is not really satiated with a cat. She’s been listing “dog” on all her wish lists. To which I say, “what about the cat?”

Who knows. Maybe we will get a dog too…and I’ll just find a nice pied-de-terre studio right by the park to live in.

PS I got to find that great image of Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan with his cats! What happened there!

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