RuPaul for President

I could say that our current president is a Nazi but I’m afraid that some people would think that’s a compliment. It’s a strange, strange time. It is a discouraging time. Some in my circle still believe in the path of focusing on the sure-fire, electable candidate, whereas I feel like we need to go big or go home. Look, I get that mindset of “we have to stick to tried and true or we will be shut out completely.” That was my mindset too, especially when the question of Hillary versus Bernie came around, but guess what? We tried that. We failed. You know why? Because we need a real leader, we need change. We need RuPaul.
I said it as a joke to my friend. We need a black drag queen president to counter all the negative Republican toxicity that has pervaded since Agent Orange (only mildly clever but keeping it anyway) elected. My friend was like, “Really? You want RuPaul for president?” And I said “hells yes, I want RuPaul for president.”

Drag queens are pretty tough and are authentically themselves at risk of death. Pretty goddamn ballsy. But it’s not so much my love of drag queens that leads to that answer than that I am ready for something completely different. Democracy is an experiment, and right now, in my opinion, it’s all kinds of funkified, and not in a good way. And now what I’m looking for is someone who can create a solution – not based on anything we’ve seen before, but something completely different. Many of my cohorts still dig lifelong Demos who have been in DC for decades. They are fine. They are smart, work hard, and are not that evil, but their positions are not manifest destiny/royal birth right, despite what they might believe. What I really want to say is we need someone who has the imagination to see something outside what is currently going on. Someone who can go in and work the system can no longer cut it in my opinion. I am looking for something completely different. A visionary. I no longer believe that this person is coming from my generation. It’s too late for us (maybe that’s ageist) but people my age are so entrenched in “establishment,” can they think outside of it? I am excited about the Parkland kids, I am excited by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Let the young have at it. Let them show me something I have never seen before.

As I said, these times are odd. CEOs make 500 times the amount of salary than their entry-level staff. Illegal immigrant babies are in baby jail. Criminals have positions of power. The wealth and power in our country are concentrated in this tiny, wee-wee group of men. I’m over being ruled by a small powerful few. When you have money instead of morals as your compass, you gotta whole lotta stuff in your house and no soul. And, as I tell people ad nauseum in this boring, if we are not on earth to help each other, what the f are we doing here. I have never had these feelings before like this week, where I am not upset due to personal setbacks; I am upset because of the state of our country.

This recent presidential election and all of its the horrific aftermath has radicalized my point of view. I was more of a centrist Dem, but I no longer believe in maintaining “The Machine.” Let it break down. Let’s reset. These are my feelings and they mark me as different from the people I interact with every day.

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