Berkshire 744 often called the "Van Sweringen" or "AMC" Berkshires. It’s funny hanging out with a four-year-old. They are trying to make sense of the world, trying out new phrases. For example, First Son tried to casually insert the phrase “strangely familiar” in our conversation the other day. He went over the syllables slowly, because it’s a bit unwieldy to say and then gave me a sly look to check my reaction. The way he used it didn’t make sense, but I was taken aback and couldn’t stop laughing. Who said that to him? (Confess. Come forward. No harm will be done to you and your underlings.)

Last tonight, he asked me what dreams are. I said, I think a dream is two things. One kind of dream is what you do when you’re asleep. Even though your eyes are closed, your mind thinks of stories. The other kind of dream is something you hope for – to do or become.

He told me his dream is to turn age 6 so that he will be old enough to drive the 6 train. We discussed how to make this happen and I said I’d research the steps (done.) Then he asked me what my dream is (I said I hope to publish a book). This morning, he asked Husband what his dream is, and then he asked Wonder Twins. Husband had a fancy answer about hoping both he and I get to have the careers we want, accomplish our creative goals, and have gobs of time with the children. The Twins gurgled or like repeated “Dora!” ten times. Who can remember.

To be an innocent four-year-old boy is a very sweet thing.

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