harry connick junior!

a52eb6fb64ae39a4ec5d3780aa441a11 OH my god, they added Harry Connick Jr on “American Idol” and he is great! He makes Keith Urban excited to have a fellow musician who is actually able to speak in complete sentences and understands music. They bookend beautiful, simple Jennifer Lopez (though to be fair, I like that she is strong-willed and not stream-rolled by the other two and she is a VAMPIRE. She is forty-four and not aging a whit!). Anyway, this season, they are giving actual, detailed singing feedback, which makes the show that much more interesting for me. I will never get sick of young people auditioning, feeling like it means everything in the world. Not only is the audition process endlessly fascinating, I am also amazed that they keep finding unknowns with superlative voices. It’s quite remarkable. Connick is very funny and harsh, but praises specifically when it is warranted. I’m down, I’m totally down for this show.

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