knee-how? knee-wow!

page3_blog_entry1324_1 I was on the train platform, waiting for my parents, when these two young girls shouted “nee-how!” to me from the other side. And I responded, “Hey! What’s up! Are you in high school?” They squealed and hid behind the pillars, so I continued shouting, “No don’t be scared, I’m just being friendly!” til they relaxed and a train arrived, blocking our connection. It was one of my stress-free race run-ins, because….I don’t know. Look at images of Asians in society. I saw a poster of the four lead NBC sitcoms on the subway and it was four posters of white people hugging white people. There are no images of Asians just going “hey What Up people.” (Racism really works!) Or maybe I was in a particularly magnanimous mood. This was the same rush hour commute that began with a bird pooping on me, which would have disturbed me years before I had children. But as it is, sadly, the odor of poop and dealing with poop is routine.

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