Victims of H.R.S.



You know, there was a Garnier haircolor commercial starring Tina Fey on the other day, and I was into it. Her hair looked good, she is a celeb I “trust,” and it inspired to buy the product. (Husband said “If Tina Fey likes it, Tina Lee is going to looooove it,” which makes me laugh when I am alone.) Somehow, she has gone Hollywood without losing her image as a real person. Is it because of Brownie Husband? You kind of have to give it up to someone willing to do that.

The same cannot be said of Steve Carrell, Kristin Wiig, and Isla Fischer, performers who were so unique and striking in their first forays out in public. They are vicims of H.R.S. (Hollywood Robot Syndrome). Seriously, look them. They are holograms now, better and more polished looking, better skin, hip hair cuts, fancy clothes (though to be fair, Isla Fischer was always good-looking), and completely devoid of personality in their performances. It makes me said, but they are ROBOTS. Isla Fisher — so excellent in Wedding Crashers, so forgettable in The Great Gatsby. Steve Carrell, a genius of The 40-Year-Old Virgin…and then there was Bruce Almighty or some cartoon sequel.

…and then, how did Paul Rudd or Tina Fey, who have a kajillion Hollywood, mainstream pics out that don’t seem to diminish their personalities (or projection thererof.) How did they do it?

(Though, maybe, should I give Kirsten Wiig a second chance based on the photo below? I do like this photo. Her hand reminds me of Wonder Twin Girl’s hand.)

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