“Number One, Make It So”

Stew.topic I love Patrick Stewart after he played Captain Jean-Luc Picard for many, many years on Star Trek. His character was such a good man, a wise leader, and he was able to so effortlessly convey that sense of warmth yet bad-ass vibe of a leader. But now, after watching this Amnesty International video, I admire him as a person. In this 2009 testimony, as part of an anti-domestic violence effort, he talks about his own experience growing up in a household where his father beat his mother, and how awful it is. He never quite breaks down, but he fumbles when he starts to get affected by his subject matter – but somehow, pulls through. It is both horrible and moving to hear. He speaks about his past quite sensitively, without any heat, and demonstrates major cojones by being able to share this story at all. I don’t know how he does it. Yes, he is professionally successful, but I could see through this speech he did a lot of work on himself in order to be able to share his story and work on preventing this situation for others — this moment is years in the making, and it filled me tremendous admiration for this man, for which I am grateful, because when was the last time I met someone who made me want to take my hat off? (I’m not talking about you, handful of friends who read this blog. I already admire you, so shut it down.)

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