ice cream


First Son was making some pretend ice cream.This just entails giving out fake cones out to people and some mixing beforehand. It’s all mime.
ME: I’ll take a rainbow ice cream, please.
FIRST SON: Here you go.
ME: Thanks, mmm delicious. Why don’t you make one for Ima [what he calls my mom]?
FIRST SON: What kind, Ima?
IMA: Yellow.
FIRST SON: Here you go.
ME: How’s it taste?
IMA: Ugh, it’s too sweet.
ME: Really? That’s what you choose to say? About imaginary ice cream?

3 Replies to “ice cream”

  1. Your mom is hilarious. I still cringe when I remember how one of my daughter’s little friends (when they were about three) asked if I wanted some pretend ice cream, and for some bizarre reason (I was distracted doing something else?) I said, “No, thank you.” Why didn’t I just take the pretend ice cream? So really, your mom’s way ahead of me because at least she took the ice cream.

  2. fyb, you are not like my mom, haha ..and jen, if only i had this conversation with her years ago, could have saved me some headache!

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