sanford and son

Sanford-and-Son-3-sanford-and-son-6396285-2560-1722 I would guess that Husband would say one of the major drawbacks of being married to me is that I constantly sing the theme to Sanford and Son, like to the kids, when I’m doing housework, when we’re just sitting back and there’s a lull in the conversation. God knows why, but it’s in my head all the time.

The plus is there are no words. I cannot remember any words to anything. Anyway, here it is if you want to remind yourself what it sounds like — but be careful. Once you play it, I don’t know, you’re destined to sing it. I heard it like once in junior high school and it has stuck with me.

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  1. We were talking the other night about how SNL should do a Mumford and sons sketch where hipsters run a junk shop. I’ve had that song in my head since you drove a van down south.

  2. that’s hilarious! i was feeling a mumford and sons and sanford and sons thing, but couldn’t make a connection that is awesome. when you say drove a van down south, are you talking about me? or is it a euphemism? since i can’t drive? WAIT OH MY GOD!!!! that crazy van trip with d, oh my god

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