The Age of No

No, don’t eat food off the floor
No, don’t pick your nose! Call Mom for a tissue!
No, don’t help yourself to the Brita filter.
No, don’t step on your brother.
No more singing, go to sleep!
No, don’t open the refrigerator.
No more chips.
No, don’t drink the soapy bath water! I am begging you.

No song, Mommy.
No diaper change, Mommy.
No Elmo!
No Blue Guy!
No Daddy!
No broccoli, Mommy.
No oatmeal! Un chip?
No [Roars like a lion]

2 Replies to “The Age of No”

  1. I was thinking today about how you liked that book “No, David!” and wondering if you still do. I think it’s a little to real for me.

  2. i loved that book but there’s no way i’d bring it into the house now. forget it. no need to reinforce that word

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