i know i am old because….

1) I walked past an SUV stuck at a red light. The driver was BLASTING
“Everything She Wants” by Wham. I laughed and said “What a loser.” And then, I thought “hey, that’s pretty good.”

2) This past weekend, Prospect Park in BK hosted a festival where the main act was Hall & Oates, which sounded really fun to me…no comment.

2 Replies to “i know i am old because….”

  1. Haha, Will and I were just talking talking about how Hall & Oates is my guilty pleasure. The other night, I was about to fall asleep, and Darryl Hall’s music with friends special came on and I perked right up. But you aren’t old, I think the young people like it ironically.

  2. so young people know who hall and oates is? i just remember their videos growing up where they both take turns going right up into the camera. i made david sing a few songs to me. CATCHY. i would totally dance at a hall and oates show — it sounds really good to me, which i think is a combo of nostalgia AND never going out of the house

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