bobby lee

He did a sketch on MadTV my cousin Aimee described to me that I cannot find online. (Please send me a link if you can!) The premise is a Korean-American guy who can’t really speak Korean gets a job to coach a Korean action star on a movie set, so the action star is speaking fluently to Bobby Lee, who can only manage to say “Bop moh goh?” over and over again.

Bop moh goh simply means “eat rice?” and I think the sentence structure is like the one you’d use with a toddler. My cousin and I were cracking about this sketch, but we’re both like who find this funny except other monolingual Korean-Americans? That’s a teeny audience to please, dude. Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, I haven’t even seen the sketch, but I thought of it yesterday and started laughing by myself…which always makes you look like a crazy person.

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