you and me and everyone i know

I think I may have posted something mildly disparaging about Miranda July, because I find some of her fiction annoying. In fact, there was a whole profile in the Times recently about how much people hate or love her, that there a number of “I hate Miranda July” and not as many “I Heart Miranda July” blogs (well, negative experiences usually motivate people more than positive ones. See customer feedback sections), however, I just saw her first feature and thought it was great. It is an oddball story with lots of thrift-store-hipster charm and disturbing, but real life-feeling, scenes of sexuality as portrayed by tiny children and teens. The movie is never boring, and I was always interested in what would happen next. I do see what would cause people to hate her…but I was mostly impressed — she wrote, acted, and directed it. It’s not for everyone — for example, it’s not for my mother, but you don’t have to live in Silver Lake to enjoy it. (Though if you do, you could probably be an extra.)

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