1) Baby broke digital camera (he was so quiet when I gave it to him, I don’t understand how it happened)

2) I somehow deleted all my photos from the past year from my computer. Yay! (I have them all uploaded on a photosharing web site, but STILL, what is up with my brain?)

3) Baby loves playing with tiny toiletries from hotels.

4) I have abandoned my no-TV-for-babies policy and now play Baby Einstein when necessary. There is one particular green hand puppet that scares the bejesus out of Baby, so when he starts bleating, I make sure to hold him and help him cope through that section of the video.

5) Finally, I thought this was hilarious, but I have no idea who else will, so have posted here in hopes to find you. I keep thinking about it start laughing alone.

3 Replies to “babyland!”

  1. I looooooove that comic! Thank you for sharing. The post-menopause-explosion lady is horrifying me, yet I can’t stop looking at her. The 120-year-old lady is adorable, though. I admit I may also secretly love the idea that I still look the same as I did at 18, just with my hair up now. I know I don’t, but it’s a nice fantasy.

  2. Also, I love the image of Baby playing with little shampoo bottles. It’s like he’s a giant holding regular-sized bottles.

  3. don’t you know lots of older ladies with perms? that is my grandma’s generation right there. you look great! very youthful. it’s the arts background ha ha

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