brown bear, brown bear

There is an extremely popular book for kids called Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See — the entire book is about different animals spotting each other in the sentence structure of the title. Two friends have kids who are obsessed with this book, so it’s now in my library. So far, Baby hasn’t taken too much interest in it and Husband ruined it for me. He said “Crack Addict, Crack Addict, What Do You See,” and answered, “I’mtrawyingwhoahtotakeawalrus” or whatever, in a very disturbing Crack Addict voice and now that’s all I hear when he reads the book very sweetly to our son.

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  1. we have that one too. for us, i think it’s a bit advanced for v. she loves books tho, in general. dr suess is one of her favorites!

  2. V is totally into the last page. once she knows a book, she likes to skip ahead to the ending. nnk didn’t believe us when we told her and then was shocked/laughed when she saw it for herself.

  3. I think the book is kind of dumb, though I like the artwork. I get the feeling V. thinks it’s dumb, too. Total projection, I know, but… what can I tell you, it’s no “Ten Little Ladybugs.”

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