flight safety instructions art

There is something about flight safety instructions that gets me right there. I’m not being totally facetious. I wonder about what kind of person produces such art, if they grew up painting then went to an MFA program and couldn’t find a job outside of flight safety art corporation and just do pictures of people jumping down to safety off a blow-up ramp. When and if I get time, I’m totally going to do little replicas in oil paints, but I’m going to add things like a Godzilla-size, pink teddy bear on the horizon. I realize the art is flat and generic, but that’s what holds appeal to me. I taken a few from various flights, and have turned them into greeting cards, but mostly, I keep them in a file and flip through them once in a while, and it gives me great pleasure.

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  1. I’ve always thought the old-school first aid choking poster (you know, showing how to do the heimlich) was rich with possibilities. And then, I actually saw a collective art project where people took that poster and redid the illustrations.. like, on a beach! etc.

    I would like a flight safety greeting card!

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