Welcome to the sickies

Wow, I didn’t really get how fully having a baby wreaks havoc on your life. Our apartment has always been messy with occasional breaks of organization, but no more. Whenever I look around, we are constantly surrounded by piles — sometimes clean, sometimes not. It looks like someone broke in the place.

Also, they warn you like crazy to get the flu vaccine, etc., once you have a youngun in your life, but they didn’t mention that it’s for your protection. Baby has been battling colds off and on, since he started day care, and I’m used to getting sick now and again. I spent last night with a plastic bucket by my head (so romantic), but Husband caught the bug too, and in all the years I’ve known Husband, he’s never been sick.

And tomorrow, we leave for the airport at 5:30 a.m. to visit Husband’s family for Thanksgiving. Finally finished packing by midnight. Wow. This parenting thing so thoroughly kicks my arse.

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  1. ha! everybody was well enough to fly, so that part was easy, but then resumed getting sick once we got here, then got david’s family sick. 🙁 it’s a very special holiday.

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