SNL on Anita Hill

I watched last week’s SNL (yes, Husband and I are the last people on earth who still watch that show. We would still be watching ER if that was still on too), which covered the Anita Hill voicemail story, and the schtick was mostly pointing out how ridiculous it was for someone to request an apology 19 years after the event, not really expressing an opinion at all on whether it was necessary. I don’t know. They keep missing opportunities when they take on major news stories, they either don’t know how to go for the juice of the story or they are prohibited by advertisers from speaking the truth. Either way, it is so unsatisfying. I guess I need to turn to Jon Stewart for my joke news (and as an aside, I’m guessing shows like The Jon Stewart Show make it hard for the SNL news segment seem relevant any more, when he is so bloody truthful.)

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