Clarence Thomas’s Wife Asks Anita Hill for Apology

Ugh, give me a break. Leave the poor woman alone. Let her teach and move on. She didn’t feel like going head to head with Clarence Thomas, but felt morally compelled to, and then Clarence Thomas and his deluded paranoia keeps this ordeal alive. I’m not going over the reasons as to why I believe Anita Hill, but you can always read Strange Justice, written by two Wall Street Journal writers, if you want the nitty-gritty. I feel sorry for her because who would want their life defined by one incident. Clearly, she’s classy because never used her fame to host her own reality show.

Never mind the fact that Clarence Thomas’s wife lobbies for tea party, which is totally unethical when your husband sits on the Supreme Court. Give me a break. She wants an apology? GIVE ME A BREAK!

4 Replies to “Clarence Thomas’s Wife Asks Anita Hill for Apology”

  1. When I first heard this story – more than half asleep while NPR droned on from my alarm clock – I thought Thomas’ wife was calling to give Anita Hill and apology. “That’s pretty big of her.” Boy was I wrong. I guess her affiliation with the Tea Party says it all.

  2. Virginia Thomas’ message on Anita Hill’s voicemail is more than Clarence Thomas has said on the bench of the Supreme Court in the last five years or so. The man literally DOES NOT SAY A WORD. Creepiest Washington couple of the century so far? Oh hell yeah.

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