celebs who don’t age

You know what, this whole cosmetic surgery thing in stars is beginning to creep me out. I mean, enough with the frozen forehead and collagen lips. There’s something about the makeovers that make the eyes rounder and less normal looking. It’s like Hollywood is exporting a new race of cat people. Is that really attractive? Look at Kelly McGilliis. She’s been a drug addict, an alcoholic, a lesbian married to two men, unemployed, raped, and she’s fifty. You know what? She looks it. She looks rough around the edges and all kinds of messed up, but that’s the face she earned. That face is the result of her life.

I’m not saying you have to like aging. None of us are going to be as cute as we once were, but really, is having what looks like a gigantic loaf of bread for a forehead preferable to lines? We all have lines. Even my kid has lines and he’s a baby. But back to the face reflecting your life — what is so bloody awful about aging? As Laura Linney says, some people don’t get to live to your age, so maybe we ought to stop worrying about freezing ourselves like Han Solo at the end of The Empire Strikes Back and just deal.

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  1. I totally agree, I think there’s something right and even attractive about showing your age. I’ve been watching Cougar Town because NY Magazine said it was good, and it does get better after the initial awful episodes…but mostly I’m fascinated by Courtney Cox. She just doesn’t look pretty to me, she looks like an alien. It makes me sad, and reminds me of whalebone corsets…too much effort to look unnatural.

  2. I agree, BUT. I think some people have the good fortune to age more gracefully than others. If you are someone who looks a lot older than others your age, it must be a bummer. I’m betting there are lots of people who’ve gotten more subtle procedures done that we don’t even think about.
    That said, I think those people in Hollywood get a distorted idea of what looks good, based on what’s around them. Kind of like how crazy skinny eyebrows got a few years ago. I feel like those have relaxed a little more, or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it.
    I was most freaked out by an interview I saw with Renee Zellweger once where she couldn’t smile. I don’t see how you can be an actor if you can’t move your face. Now I notice if actors’ foreheads move when they smile.
    Also, you, Tina, might be as cute as you once were.

  3. Ok Tina, you have a leg up here. I’ve seen your Mom. She looks younger than when we were in fifth grade. I’m hoping to go the way of Helen Mirren. If I can rock a bikini in my sixities I will die a happy woman.

  4. wow, there are so many different things i want to say that i am having trouble commenting. first of all, it’s true, we all age differently, and honestly, if botox is going to make someone happier, i don’t think it’s a big deal, but the examples in hollywood are extreme, like it doesn’t seem like there’s any freaking end and reminds me a little of like what michael jackson went through. i wonder if this approach is even addictive. like, dude, YOUR FACE DOES NOT MOVE, and it is no longer beautiful, or youthful even, it’s just plain weird. then you compare like a demi moore or madonna to a kelly mcgillis, and it boggles my mind. i’m not saying we have to like aging, i don’t love it but at some point, even if you’re loaded and you have access to all these procedures, it has to end, and then what?

    helen mirren must be like a descendant of wolverine.

    and yes, my mother is a vampire, but i’m only half-vampire as my dad definitely looks his age, so my odds for looking young for my age are very mixed, ha ha.

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