why I love SYTYCD

Unless you are a dancer, So You Think You Can Dance is amazing TV. First of all, it’s like a Mexican soap opera — lots of plot twists and so many, many tears. Any show that features grown men crying on each episode — I’m so there. When the dancers cry, I don’t know if I enjoy it more when it’s after a harsh, crushing critique from the judges, or when the judges unexpectedly praise them. (I think the later. That’s way more satisfying). And the judges themselves are wildly entertaining — as former dancers and current choreographers, they are so passionate and take themselves so seriously, it’s both feels authentic but also hilarious. Like they say things like “I could cut you for making me watch dance like that” or “that was pure fabulousness” while making their hands into fans. My friend Nancy asked why do all the dancers have breakdowns when they work with choreographer Mia Michaels. I’ll tell you why — it’s because she says “Thank you for sharing your gift.” She says it the point where it’d make a good drinking game.

But what I truly dig about this show is watching the audition process and watching these youngster perform like the audition really, truly means something to them. They are so thrilled and just want to it so badly, they shake and, of course, cry easily, and it’s nice to see them doing something that is meaningful to them. It’s been an age since I’ve had that feeling.

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